You are currently viewing What is Straight TikTok? Explain deep dive into straight TikTok…

What is Straight TikTok? Explain deep dive into straight TikTok…

What is Straight TikTok?

Hello, everybody welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to be talking about something that has been on my radar for a long time. Now and I have been taking some time to reflect and really find the words on how to explain this situation, and that is the infamous alt Tiktok vs straight Tiktok. The situation we are going to be over how that is possible on the app some things in sociology. That I think are interesting and pertain to the situation and then lastly my thoughts.

So a lot of you may be wondering how is it even possible for users on an app to be categorized into different sections they’re on the same app but actually the way that TikTok is structured makes this possible on a user’s for you page. This is the Tiktok equivalent of someone’s Instagram Explorer page there for your page is filled with videos that are targeted to their unique interests.

Tiktok collects data on which videos you like and which videos you are watching over and over again by which users. Therefore, they can recommend similar videos so you like videos and you stay on the app for longer. So that means that people with similar interests, similar senses of humor, similar senses of fashion, similar hobbies, and even people who live closer together.

What is Straight TikTok

Tiktok uses your location they are being recommended the same videos following the same people seeing each other in the comment section and forming a community of common TikTok users. All know about the algorithm everybody has seen people commenting for the algorithm or click share link. So, it is possible that different groups on TikTok do exist the very way. Tiktok is structured makes this possible so for the exam if you like a lot of dancing videos and you comment on a lot of dancing videos and you watch a lot of dancing videos. Tiktok will put more dancing videos on your for you page.

Moreover, so eventually, you and all of the other people that are watching and liking these entire dance videos will start to form a dance community and so I find it ridiculous that some people are claiming that these different sides of Tech Talk do not exist. Because two people can go onto TikTok and experience the app in two completely different ways.

If their experiences are so different, they might also be on different apps, so this video got put on Tiktok room about a fight that Avani had on Twitter with alt Tiktok. I couldn’t find the original tweet so this is gonna have to do for now. She made a dance to audio that was made to make fun of straight Tiktok and how they will dance to anything then she came out on Twitter and said that she knew about the different categories of Tiktok. She knows that people make fun of straight Tiktok. But she just does not care about labels and at the end.

The video says that she got a little bit of flak for this and so did her boyfriend. Anthony when he tweeted out something similar a few weeks later quickly. I just want to say that though the different categories of Tiktok exist. I do not really agree with the gatekeeping of audios and stuff like that it just seems unnecessary. It is just a song and I do not really agree with that aspect of it but to be honest, the Tiktok making fun of straight Tiktok are hilarious, and I just want to clarify for this blog. I am NOT on straight Tiktok. I am on the furthest thing from straight Tiktok.

What is Straight TikTok

I’m trying to be a neutral commentator but please do not associate me with straight Tiktok. If you are for you page, just the high pass in the sway house and a bunch of conventionally attractive people dancing. I am so sorry but you are on straight Tiktok, which is another aspect of the beef that I do not condone. I do not think anybody should be made fun of for their interests or for what they like to read if the blog on there for you Page straight tricks makes them happy. Then all the power to the most of straight Tiktok is fine, but you will come across a video that is just so strange every once in a while.

Example Of Straight Tiktok

For example, straight Tiktok might engage in behavior that would be completely unacceptable in other areas of Tiktok. For example Tiktoks by men using this audio which says. I like girls who like girls making thirst traps, which is so fetishizing. and so objectifying for women that are attracted to women so lesbian and bisexual women those women don’t need to be further fetishized and seen as a sexual object by random straight men, and yet it’s so popular there are hundreds of videos all of the clips that I have in the background of this little segment.

Are all with this audio and it’s not just small accounts that don’t know better the people that make these videos have tens of millions of followers and so people from other areas of TikTok found out about these videos. And started giving flack to the creators making these videos because let’s face. It is called straight Tik Tok for a reason so they may not know so they may not be so educated on what might offend an LGBT person and so controversies like these, which result from I, guess. You could say misunderstandings from straight Tik Tok and then all Tiktok feeling the need to come and correct them are just feeding into this straight Tik Tok vs. alt Tiktok controversy.

Now that the situation has been explained let’s just really quickly go over why this makes sense humanity has been splitting itself into different categories for as long as it can remember society is structured in different groups think about your own personal friend group. You guys share interests you guys share likes dislike you guys share activities but it goes deeper than that.

You share morals you share values you have shared life experience think of you’re not gonna want to hang out with people that you have nothing in common with you’d have nothing to talk about which is what makes Tiktok algorithms. Therefore, effective some people you relate to personally and who you associate with are called you are in-group.

What is Straight TikTok

This can be a racial group, a religious group, or even just your friend group. Everybody else is part of the out-group and there is a phenomenon called in-group favoritism. On the other hand, I have heard it referred to as in-group bias sometimes where people will prefer members of their own group vs people in the out-group. It makes sense you want to be around people who are similar to you and relate to.

I mean just do a little bit of research if the scientists found that people can form in-group and out-group judgments within minutes and on such arbitrary things such as their preferences for certain paintings don’t you think. It is possible that they form an in-group and out-group judgment on an app that they might spend eight hours a day on during quarantine. Especially if that app was specifically designed to create certain groups and certain communities and bring certain groups of people together examples of n groups could be peer group family community sports teams, Political parties, gender, religion or nation are not all those different categories of TikTok.

So we already discussed what in-group favoritism is I hope you guys understand it and that leads us to the concept of out-of-group derogation. This is basically the favoritism that you experience towards people in your in-group contrasted with the lack of favoritism for your out-group. When someone in the out-group does something that the in-group doesn’t like, it’s seen as a threat combined with the last three points so social influence you’re going to be influenced by people in your peer group or in-group to do things combined with group polarization.

That you are more likely to be influenced to do things that you normally would not do by someone in your in-group a good example of this is peer pressure combined with group homogeny. This is basically when people make others in the out-group feel more different than those in the in so people in the group will continue to become more alike. While their procession of people in the out-group will be that, they are increasingly different from them, which makes sense to me.

I mean aren’t we all just chasing a sense of belonging all of this led to the straight TikTok Vs all Tiktok beef that might sound really complicated. However, let me break it down for you people in your in-group influence your decision-making and make you more likely to do things that you normally would not do.

Because of social pressures and slowly your in-group starts to homogenize and become more similar so any and anybody not in your in-group seems different from you and anything in the out-group that might threaten. Those ideologies just adjust exacerbates this separation so if someone on straight-to-talk made a video that someone on alt TikTok might find offensive. This is threatening to their group, which leads to conflict, and so other members of alt TikTok might cave into social pressure and send hate comments on that video too.

Even though they may not normally do that and so this last section is just gonna be about my opinion. I know I did a little segment of it earlier in this blog but I think that this beef is kind of dumb I do believe that some people on straight TikTok deserve to get a little bit of flack. They do deserve to have to apologize for their actions. Especially those people making those gross videos to that audio earlier but the whole gatekeeping of certain songs and stuff should not be.

That way unless it is in these extenuating circumstances when the lyrics are genuinely offensive towards certain groups when used in a certain context and people on straight TikTok or dance TikTok or whatever TikTok should just stick to what they do best. Just dance to some rap song and just mind their own business yes alt Tiktok exists yes-gay Tiktok exists, and the same algorithm creates them that helps these people thrive and the last thing.

I will say is that although I do not condone cancel culture and I do not condone cyberbullying actual cyberbullying like death threats and harassment and stuff like that. In my opinion, everything on the Internet is fair game for critique if you make a video public anybody can go and genuinely leave criticism hopefully it is constructive but it does not have to be.

So the people making fun of straight Tiktoks for genuine weird things. I do not have a problem with that and quite honestly, they are very funny so but that is just my opinion and this brings us to the end of my blog. If you liked this blog make sure you like leave a comment letting me know what you think and share this information with your friends. Thanks.

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