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Top 10 Famous Pakistani Tiktokers 2021 In Pakistan

In Pakistan, Tiktok is a very popular social media site. Millions of active users. Pakistani tiktokers get more fame on TikTok and build their career as social media influencers.

No 1. Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza is one of the most popular Pakistani tiktok star. Who are at the forefront of all the Pakistani tiktokers. She is a No.1 Pakistani tiktok star. Janat Mirza has 13.7M+ Followers and 372.6M+ Likes on Tiktok, According to Jannat Mirza when she started Tiktok as a wish and she doesn’t know her video is viral within seconds and get more Followers and Likes. Jannat Mirza lived in Lahore. Alishba Anjum is his sister. She also a famous Pakistani tiktoker. Read more about Jannat Mirza Biography, Age, Wiki, Hometown, Contact, Boyfriend and more. Click Here.

Pakistani Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza

No 2. Ch Zulqarnain Sikandar

Nowadays Ch Zulqarnain Sikandar is a king of Pakistani Tiktok. He is very popular. It counts in No.1 in the list of Male Tiktoker or No.2 All Pakistani Tiktokers. Ch Zulqarnain has a huge fan following on Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, He is also a model and actor. According to our knowledge, He started the acting career in drama 2020 β€œMasters”. He Started his Tik Tok career in 2018 and making acting videos on acting and comedy and show his talent on TikTok and gain more followers from time to time. Ch Zulqarnain Tiktok followers are 10.8M+ and 569.5M+ Likes And his Instagram Followers are 697K+ and 120+ Following. He lived in Gujrat, Pakistan. His girlfriend’s name is Kanwal Aftab. She is also a famous Pakistani TikTok star.


No 3. Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq is the 3rd largest famous TikTok star. And 2nd largest female Pakistani TikTok star on the 2021 ranking list. She is also called the queen of TikTok. Areeka Haq is the most beautiful and largest social media influencer. She has is 7.7M+ Followers and 223.5M+ Likes. Areeka Haq is also famous on Instagram with 2M+ Followers and 27+ Following. She lived in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. She started his TikTok journey in 2017 and do hard work to achieve their goals. Read more about Areeka haq age, Biography, Wiki, Education, Hometown, Address, Boyfriend, and more Just Click Here.

Areeqa haq Pakistani Tiktok Tiktokers competitions
Areeqa Haq

No 4. Romaisa Khan

The most beautiful and talented Pakistani Tiktok star. Who makes videos on comedy, Lypsing, and acting. She gained a lot of Fame on Tiktok and Instagram. She likes fun and wants to make more funny videos. Her TikTok videos are gone viral in seconds and getting more likes and followers. Romaisa TikTok Followers are 5.1M+ and 113M+ Likes and also famous on Instagram with 1.4M+ Followers and 320+ Following. Romaisa Khan also appears in “Masters” Drama with Ch Zulqarnain Sikandar Her nickname is Romi. She lived in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Read more about Romaisa Khan Biography, Age, Wiki, Hometown, Contact, Boyfriend, Education, and more Click Here.

Romaisa Khan Pakistani Tiktok Star biography

No 5. Ali Khan (Hyderabadi)

In the last year 2020, It suddenly went viral. He gained a lot of fame for his walking style, Lipsying and acting, He had released a trend of his walking on Tiktok. Many Tiktokers are also famous for their help. Many brands and businesses hire him to promote their products. He has 9.4M+ Tiktok Followers and 7.11M+ Likes. Ali Khan’s nickname is (Hyderabadi). He lived in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. Ali Khan (Hyderabadi) works as a social media influencer. Read more about Ali Khan (Hyderabadi) Age, Wiki, Education, Hometown, Address, Girlfriend, and a complete biography just Click Here.

Ali Khan (Hyderabadi) Pakistani Tiktok Tiktokers competitions
Ali Khan (Hyderabadi)

No 6. Kanwal Aftab

 Kanwal Aftab is counted on the top 10 famous Pakistani Female Tiktok stars and celebrities, She has also a huge fanbase on Tiktok and Instagram, and now she is also on Youtube. She married Zulqarnain in 2021. Kanwal Aftab has 11.2M+ Followers and 383.4M+ Following in Tiktok. And when we talk about her Instagram followers, She has 1.1M+ Followers and just 60+ Following. She also works as a social media influencer. Read more about Kanwal Aftab Age, Wiki, Education, Hometown, Address, Girlfriend, and a complete biography just Click Here.


No 7. Alishbah Anjum

Alishbah Anjum is the sister of Jannat Mirza. She is a very beautiful Pakistani Tiktok star. She earned more popularity through Tiktok and Instagram. Alishba Tiktok Followers is 11.6M+ and the following is 308.3M+. Her Instagram Followers are 1.2M+ and the Following is only 78 Her nickname is Lishay. She lived in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. To learn more about Jannat Mirza Age, Wiki, biography, Personal information, Pics, Education, Networth, And more. Click Here.


No 8. Malik Usman Asim

Malik Usman is a very good Tiktok star and such a nice person also called a Molvi Usman. He makes funny, Motivational, and Lipsying videos on Tiktok and getting more popularity. Usman is listed as the most famous Pakistani male Tiktokers with 9.8M Followers and 373.4M Likes. He works very hard to make a good TikTok video (content). he lived in Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Read more about Malik Usman Age, Hometown, Education, Girlfriend, Biography, Wiki, and more just Click Here,

Pakistani Tiktokers Molvi Usman

No 9. Nadeem Mubarak (Nani Wala)

Nadeem Mubarak is one of the famous Pakistani TikTok stars who earned popularity through TikTok. He is also called a Nadeem Nani Wala. Nadeem Mubarak has 8.8M+ Followers and 417.3M+ Likes in Tiktok. He is also famous on Instagram with 826k+ Followers and 90+ Following. He releases many songs on Youtube Like Cute Jehi Look. Nadeem lived in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Read more about his Age, Hometown, Contact, Address, Education, Girlfriend, Wiki, and complete biography. Just Click Here.

Nadeem nani wala Official Biography

No 10. Phoollu (Toqeer)

Phoollu is one of the great personalities who earned popularity through Tiktok. The number of his haters is very low. Even many famous also like Phoollu. He has 8.4M+ Followers and 342.1M+ Likes. Or also 200K+ Followers and 60+ Following in Instagram. He has a lot of fans from all over the world. Phoollu lived in Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan. Read more about his Age, Hometown, Education, Girlfriend, Biography, Wiki, and more just Click Here,


These famous Pakistani Tiktokers are listed in the top 10 on 2021 research.

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