You are currently viewing TikTok Algorithm Just UPDATED! Tiktok Algorithm Update For July 2021

TikTok Algorithm Just UPDATED! Tiktok Algorithm Update For July 2021

In this blog, we’re going to go over the latest TikTok algorithm updated for July of 2021. You heard that right the TikTok algorithm has updated and if you’re a small creator. You’re just getting started on Tiktok and you want to get more followers. You want to get more views you need to listen up, because if you listen to everything that I’m about to share with you.

In this blog, you will see results just like my biggest mentorship clients devon Rodriguez art over 16 million followers at moves over 6 million followers Chris. Allen has millions of followers. Carnevale’s millions of followers and so many other creators literally blew up overnight. Simply because they follow the directions that I’m about to share with you guys.

Best Time To Post Videos On Tiktok (TikTok algorithm updated)

This one the best time to post on TikTok. The best hashtags to use how to go viral and so many other videos. I cannot wait for you guys to see what is coming in this video. So first and foremost the two most important things when it comes to the Tiktok algorithm right now are going to be the watch time that you’re getting the watch time completion that you’re getting and whether or not TikTok thinks. They have an audience for your content for those of you that don’t know TikTok is incredible. Simple all they want to do is keep people on the app, and they do that in two ways by prioritizing content that gets a high amount of watch time.

We’re gonna go into the specifics on that in just a little bit. So prioritizing content that gets a lot of watch time and showing content that looks like trending things on Tiktok people have already engaged with. This is niche-specific and it’s brought on Tiktok. So there are basically two types of trends you can participate in on Tiktok. They’re going to be broad trends niche specific trends any specific trends are exactly. What’s going on within your niche broad trends are going to be trending broadly on Tiktok, and these are things you can find on the for you page. Or just by going on the discover page when it comes to the amount of watch time.

Complete Your Watch Time

The tikTok algorithm updated now you’re getting this has not changed at all ideally your guy’s video should be 9 to 13 seconds long that is gonna be the best slime for you to be making on TikTok right now. Therefore, if a video is less than 15 seconds long you need to get 100 watch time on it. If you wanted to go viral for a video to go viral that’s over 16 seconds long up to 30 seconds long. It’s going to be 75 watch time and for any video, that’s over 30 seconds long. You need to be getting over 50 watch time but that’s not just enough. Yes, that is going to help you go viral that is going to help you get a lot of views.

Two Reasons That Your Videos Not Viral On Tiktok

But if you’re getting that much watch time on a video, and it’s not going viral it’s for one of two reasons. First, the amount of people watching the video and completing the video is not high enough. You’re gonna find this by looking at your watch completion rate. It’s gonna give you a percentage you want this to be over 50, and if that’s over 50, and your watch time crushed it. Well, then the reason your video didn’t get a lot of views.

Your video didn’t go viral because Tiktok doesn’t think they have an audience for your content more than ever. Before TikTok is prioritizing broad content, I just got off a coaching call with somebody in the cosplay niche. They’ve made a ton of content that has done really well and a ton of content that hasn’t done well at all the content that did really well appealed to a really broad audience on TikTok. The content that did horrible was very niche-specific to a certain character in cosplay or just way too niche-specific in cosplay in general. It didn’t do well even though it got good watch time because Tiktok didn’t think they had a large audience for that content.

So they didn’t push it out to that many people. Now after you do all those things right. You need to do several things like using the right hashtags, using the right descriptions, using a really good hook in your video posting at the right time, and a couple of other features that you need to be taking advantage of on Tiktok. So I’m going to get into those first off when it comes to posting on Tiktok. I just created a brand new video about the best times to post on TikTok for your specific account. So if you want to know how to find the best time to post on TikTok for your specific account.

Which time do you want to post videos On Tiktok

You’re going to want to post from 10:30 a.m to 11 p.m and then on the weekdays, you’re gonna want to post from 10:30 a.m to noon from two to four from 6 to 7 thirty and then again after 8 pm up until about 11 p.m. Those are going to be broadly the best times for you to be posting on Tiktok and a couple of strategies you guys need to implement. First I strongly recommend you guys put series into your content where you’re doing part one on one day part two on another day.

Well, Tiktok knew they had an audience for that content when he released part two. It went viral it went crazy because he did two things right first he showed Tiktok. There was a really big audience for his content by posting the first video that did well so in the second video got sucked into that and pushed out even more and he got a ton of people to follow him in his content.

TikTok Algorithm UPDATED 2021

Missing a huge opportunity

If you are not getting people to follow you in the last three seconds of your videos by getting people to click the plus sign for a really compelling reason. Well, guess what you are missing out on a huge opportunity. If you look at your likes to followers ratio you should have at least 15. When it comes to followers divided by the number of likes that you have. If you don’t have that then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity on Tiktok. I guarantee everybody watching this video will go viral, but what’s going to be the difference between you going viral, getting millions of followers, or going viral and getting no followers at all is going to be whether or not you incentivize engagement.

So please guys make sure you’re incentivizing engagement in every single post. Again this really matters for the Tiktok algorithm. If you could get really high watch time really high percentage of people completing your video. Your video is something that Tiktok knows they have an audience for and you’re getting a ton of followers from it. Tiktok is going to push your content like crazy so I promised I would tell you guys about a couple of features that you guys should be implementing right now in your account.

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