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TikTok Account Authority: How To Go VIRAL Every Time (1M+ Views)

So to start things off there are essentially four things that you need to keep in mind for having a good account authority on  TikTok. What’s up you guys today’s video is going to be discussing an aspect of  TikTok that is extremely advantageous for growth. If you can understand it and apply it correctly. If you’re struggling with getting views on the platform and just increasing your influence on your audience. In general, this video is gonna give you a major opportunity to help kick-start your success on the platform.

Tiktok Account Authority

The subject for today’s video is TikTok account Authority also known as the account ranking or account rating. Now all TikTok accounts are created equal but that universal quality soon loses its applicability as soon as you start posting your very first video. See every single account on the platform from Zak King’s all the way to the very accounts that were created this very minute are given a grading rank by TikTok in other words.

It is a determination by the TikTok algorithm. How great your videos are? How amazing your profile is?. So this is what we’re going to be discussing today account authority/account ranking/account grading on TikTok. What does this even mean and how more importantly you can take that information to apply it to your profile to start skyrocketing your numbers in both views and fans.

Without further ado let’s talk TikTok so to start things off there are essentially four things that you need to keep in mind for having a good account authority on TikTok. the first 5 videos deleted videos being. Normandy and tears so let’s start off by talking about the first five videos on your account. When you are creating a new account one TikTok. Just jumping on as a new user or perhaps you’re creating a second profile for whatever reason.

You don’t want to use your first five to ten videos as a testing ground for content ideas. Now don’t get me wrong there is no previous bias that TikTok calves against any of your videos. You’re starting with a blank slate but what it is important to know is that TikTok looks at Emily at the first five videos that you output. The performance of those videos determines your overall authority ranking, especially as a new user. So this gray rank that you’re given by TikTok does come with some benefits, and we’ll get into those just a little bit later on in this video.

We start talking about view tears which is a very important concept to understand but the key takeaway for this point. Here of the first five videos is TikTok looks at those first five videos to determine the overall performance of your account as a new user. So needless to say make them good videos put significant effort into creating them and they don’t have to be all posted at the same time. It’s not like these first five videos all have to be posted within five days and if you don’t do that then you somehow won’t have a good account authority.

But the idea here is make those first five videos the best representation of what your account has to offer tiktok.

Second Aspect Of Authority

So let’s talk about the second aspect of account authority and that is deleted videos. Now, this is a really interesting concept. Because it’s probably the number one question that I get in the comments section about TikTok. What do I do with deleted videos? You know what under what circumstances can I actually delete video of things of that nature and I’m actually gonna be discussing this in a bit more depth in a post that’s coming out in a couple of weeks that’s gonna be talking about this concept. Because it really needs a separate video to discuss it and give it its due discussion.

But here in short here’s my answer do not delete a video on your TikTok. Unless the views on the video are less than 1% of your overall fanbase in other words. If you have 100 followers and the video gets one view it’s 1% or less than your fanbase. After a few days if it’s still sitting at one view go ahead and delete it but here’s. What do you want to keep in mind? Unlike platforms like Facebook Instagram or Twitter or the average life cycle of exposure is typically very very short like 24 hours.

Until we don’t see that piece of content in our feeds anymore TikTok will actually periodically restart the distribution cycle of your content in other words TikTok will actually give your content. A second chance for virality the word on the street coined for this idea is a delayed explosion. So needless to say if your videos don’t receive copious views within the first 24 hours or within the first week. Give it some time because that very very same video that has 10 views might add a thousand. If you just gave it eight days I mean honestly deleting videos like any other action on your account does significantly affect your account authority.

Why Don’t Delete Tiktok Videos?

But why is that? why is deleting a TikTok video, not a recommended action? Well, the reason is if you’re constantly deleting videos that didn’t perform well. After the first few hours of the first few days what’s gonna happen is TikTok is gonna view your account. As one that has a high rate of poor-performing videos as you’re constantly deleting them right and it’s gonna be harder and harder for you to rank past that second-tier or that third tier of account authority which we’ll talk about what exactly that means later on in this video.

But Before we jump into that and have that discussion the third caveat that I want to discuss briefly is theme uniformity which is the third major factor that heavily influences your account authority on TikTok. So what do I mean by this theme uniformity essentially is your industry or your niche? And how well your content sticks to that theme. I’ve talked about this before but I can’t stress how important it is especially for a new user by new user honestly. I mean anyone over around 30,000 followers you should be building that initial core fan base around a central theme.

A central idea a central lens through which you produce content for TikTok. Because if you think about it and you take a step back and look at the big picture and I say this is someone who’s grown multiple accounts on TikTok. Ultimately, fundamentally wants to promote you and wants to promote the content that you curate that’s proven to do well. If you’re posting trendy dance videos using dance hashtags and utilizing relevant songs in the dance world. Then you are going to build up an account authority however big however small in that niche. If you do that and then on the other hand you start creating fan-see glitter videos. Which do you perform well for those who usually make that their primary form of content?

You’ll notice that your account Authority will start to reset as you’re now creating something new and foreign to what your account has been known for and previously established to perform well with. So in other words try to grow a following as a new user around one type of content makes sense. So let’s talk about the fourth aspect of the TikTok account Authority and that is no tears or view tears now. I already did address this in-depth super in-depth.

The authority which you can find in this video right here but in short here’s what you need to know depending on how awesome your videos are and how committed. How dedicated how active you are on TikTok. You will be able to skip certain levels of content distribution. Now it is debatable how many tears do exist in the process of content distribution and by tears. I essentially mean different levels of how many views your video is getting 4 makes the most sense for me I found that that seems like the most reasonable explanation of how the algorithm works. Regardless we do know that TikTok uses a tier-based system for the distribution of your videos and for views as confirmed by an actual TikTok employee again.

So let’s talk about these four tiers so tier number 1 is essentially automatic distribution TikTok shows your video to your pre-existing fan base. But also to what we would call a cold audience a batch of around 300 to 500 users who aren’t familiar with you. who don’t know you and the TikTok algorithm looks at specifically their reactions to that video based on engagement variety. The different forms of engagement that there are likes comments shares etc.

Engagement velocity how fast they engage with the video once seen it and finally watch time /rewatches. Which is one of the most important aspects that will determine whether your video is worth pushing to a larger audience. Some of these actions are more valuable than others for instance TikTok is always going to prefer comments over likes and watches over both of those. So usually this process lasts for about two hours this whole distribution to this cold audience and that’s why posting at the right time is so important.

Tiktok Pro Account

I’m just gonna mention this now the idea of finding your prime time. If you upgrade to a TikTok Pro account you can actually look at your analytics and see when your audience is most active and that is the prime time to post your videos. Act so once your video is uploaded. It’s showing you that 300 to 500 user base and these are usually people within your niche or industry and that’s determined by your previously established account Authority or a mix of hashtags that you use as well. And that’s why using relevant hashtags is so important because it often determines whether or not. Your content is gonna be shown to

Just know that your account authority influences. How well you do in tier one and how well you do in tier one will determine. Whether or not your content is pushed to tier 2 tier number two is at a thousand to ten thousand view range and again. Just like tier number one TikTok is looking at the likes the comments that share is you know the rewatch is in and watch completion rate is something. It’s truly undervalued for TikTok. Because this is something that you have access to for individual videos. if you look at account analytics again this you can have access to this by upgrading to a TikTok-off Pro account.

Desperately want our content to have and the reason. Why these tears are so important to understand is because it allows us to understand on an even greater level the benefits of having a high account authority ranking. The better your account performs the more tears you will often skip for instance I have an account that almost every single video. After upload gets around eighty thousand views which means most likely that the account as a whole performs. Well enough that each video after upload probably skips tier one and goes directly to two or three. So the takeaway here at the end of this blog is really to start optimizing your account for a higher ranking. Because it’s honestly gonna help you in the long run by giving you more exposure to larger audiences much much faster. So that about concludes this video thank you guys so much for reading.

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