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Pakistani Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza

One of the most popular Pakistani Tiktok star Jannat Mirza is lived in Lahore. She is the No.1 Pakistani TikTok star who earned millions of followers and likes in a short period of time. She has another sister who is also very popular on TikTok and Instagram Alishba Anjum. According to Jannat Mirza when she started Tiktok as a wish and she doesn’t know her video is viral within seconds and get more Followers and Likes.

Pakistani Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza
Pakistani Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza

Why Pakistani Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza Joined Tiktok?

In the live interview, she answered these questions. Jannat Mirza said that when she started TikTok she was not taking the interest because her little sister is making a TikTok video and she impressed her and then started her own TikTok account. In the starting, she making videos daily but not getting any response on her videos. So, that’s why she quit TikTok and remove it from his phone.

After 5 months when she getting the message on her friend that ” Your videos is viral and trending” Then she again download the tiktok and login her id. For a couple of time she shocked to see her account followers, likes and views. Now she start making tiktok daily and get more popularity day by day.

In 2021 Jannat Mirza’s followers are 13.7M+ and 372.6M+ Likes. This a huge amount of fan following. So that’s why everybody calls her a Tiktok queen.

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Jannat Mirza Instagram Account

Followers 2M+

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Jannat Mirza is a Tiktoker or Actor?

In the last meeting, we ask this question and she responds that she is starting as a Tiktoker and when she getting popular day by day and increase her followers and likes. Then the famous brands and businesses invited her to make a video for our product and earn money. She started to promote other products and take the advantage of their followers. In this time she also started an Instagram account.

She started an Instagram account when she getting too much popularity on Tiktok. Instagram is a social sharing app where you can upload pics and your daily life activities on Stories to engage your followers. This app is mostly used by Actors, Businesses, and Brands But now everybody uses this app and wants to increase his/her followers. When you increase your followers Like 500k+ or 1M+. You have a big advantage to start work as an influencer.

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