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In Pakistan Tiktok Banned Properly 2021

The latest news PTA banned Tiktok according to the order of the high court. Tiktok is the most popular Chinese small video app where most Pakistani use in our daily life. Pakistanitiktok star considers it their job. When Pakistan Tiktok banned news is listen famous Tiktokers then gave his reaction.

Why Tiktok Is Banned In Pakistan?

Before 6 months a citizen of Peshawar they made a case report which they target Pakistani government, PTA, Ministry Of Law, Pemmra and FIA. The report said that Tiktok were becoming a source of propaganda. Due to which dirt is spreading in our country. Because of this, this app should be banned. Now the Peshawar High Court send the notices and wait for their responses. Then the PTA and other department send the answer thet the tiktok is available in Singapore but handle in Dubai. They said We contacted them but got no satisfactory answer.

When this news is viral some people said that this is the very good decision because that is the right way to controlling these dirt content and make clean. On the other hand most of the people specially tiktokers said that this decision is not good because with that we were running our house. We promote most of the brands and business to earn money. That is our source of imcome. Thay also said that control the bad content but don’t ban this app.

Pakistan Tiktok  Banned

Some reasons are bad dancing, Violence, Firing, against of government and Political leader,

Tiktok is banned in Pakistan because of bad content. As we know most of the time some bad content is very popular and viral day by day. So the people complaining about this bad content and requested to ban this app.

Tiktokers Reaction

When the Pakistani TV channels broadcast this news. Many Tiktokers make a video against this government action. Most of the users said that they earn money from Tiktok and work as a job don’t ban this app. They said to remove all bad contents and users who make this type of content. This High Court and PTA decision are not good for us.

Pakistan Tiktok  Banned

Is Tiktok Is Unbanned Again?

Maybe, because Pakistani government take this action very often but again they allow this app after a few days. Now this time maybe very difficult. Pakistani government also banned PUBG but after some time they opened. So, No confirmation yet whether it will be open or not.

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