Best and Cheap Hosting For Beginners in Pakistan

If you’re new to the world of hosting, you might be wondering what it is and why you need it. Hosting is basically a way to make your website accessible to others on the internet. Without hosting, your website would only be accessible on your own computer. There are many different types of hosting, but the most common type is web hosting. With web hosting, your website is housed on a server that is connected to the internet. This allows people from all over the world to access your website.

1. Hostinger

  • The main reason to choose this portal is for its reliable web hosting services. Its mission is to enable people to unlock the power of the internet and provide an opportunity to learn about web hosting. This premium cloud web hosting provider has 99.99% server uptime guaranteed. Hostinger is also a part of the ICANN-accredited registrar’s community.
  • Hostinger is a perfect choice for domain name registration as the whole process is easy and affordable. As the domain name says what the business is all about, it is always better to choose the correct domain name. You have a chance to choose from thousands of custom domain names, and these are included in the premium and business web hosting plans.
  • Hostinger is known for its customer support. You can witness a huge number of reviews written by the users. The customer support works round the clock and throughout the year. There is no language barrier as they have their live chat option to assist consumers in multiple languages. The ticket-based support is there to resolve your queries in no time.
  • Hostinger helps people to save a lot of money by providing the best and most high-quality web hosting packages at low prices. Irrespective of your website’s stage, it is always possible for Hostinger to improve at reasonable prices. Check for single web hosting, premium web hosting, and business web hosting packages to know more.

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2. Namecheap

Shared hosting with Namecheap!

Neacheap offers unlimited services Like Shared hosting, Easy WP, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and more. I highly recommended choosing Namecheap if you are a beginner.

As the name suggests, Shared Hosting is a number of hosting accounts located on one server, some of them share the same IP address (although a dedicated IP address is often available for an additional fee). These plans will always offer a specific set of features and will always have resource limits.
It is essential to know what features you need for your site and how demanding it can get in terms of resource consumption. If you are not certain, it is absolutely alright to start with a more limited plan and upgrade later after your site grows and gets more traffic. Just be sure that the plan you select offers the features your site requires. Some of the things you may need to consider: are disk space, bandwidth, number of hosted domains and, possibly, the number of subdomains and parked domains, and versions of PHP, MySQL, and Perl. Will you need a dedicated IP address? You may want to allow multiple FTP users or you may need to create a number of email addresses.

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