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Alex Bhatti TikTok Star Age, Wiki, And Biography

This blog will talk about the most famous Alex Bhatti Tiktok Star Age, Wiki, and complete Biography. So, don’t go anywhere and read Alexbhatti information. Alex is a Pakistani Tiktoker who earned popularity from TikTok. A TikTok is a small video-sharing app. He is a makeup artist Which we will mention now in the last paragraph. Let’s start to explore more about Alex’s biography.

Personal Info Complete Biography

Full Name Ali Bhatti
Current AddressKarachi, Pakistan
Date Of Birth6/2/1997
EducationB.Com From
(Punjab Group Colleges)
InterestTiktok, Instagram,
Model & Makeup Artist
GirlfriendAyesha Bukhari
Net Worth5-6 Lac

Who Is Alex Bhatti?

Alex Bhatti is a very famous TikTok in Pakistan. Every Pakistani must know about him. He gets popular on TikTok for making daily video content. He likes dancing that’s why they making videos in dancing. Alex Bhatti videos are gone viral within a seconds. Most of the brands hired Alex to promote our brands, business, and products. Alex does not only get fame on Tiktok but also on image-sharing apps like Instagram. He is very popular on Instagram with 20k followers and grows day by day. Most of the Tiktokers include Alex’s main earning source is promoting and advertising other brands Because they have a lot of traffic in the shape of followers.

Alex Bhatti is not his real name. This is a nickname. His real name is Ali Bhatti. In the last interview, Alex says that they receive very bad comments from the audience. Because we know Alex’s style is not good and not allowed in our region (Islam) But Alex does some questions. he says If I am making the wrong videos. Why people like this? Why my videos get millions of views? Does Alex say Why my video downloading is 50k+? Tell me Why my video sharing is very high? Why my video is getting a lot of comments?

Is Alex Bhatti Leave Tiktok?

In the interview, Anchor does the question from Alex. Why you don’t leave the Tiktok? They replied that I will not leave TikTok because people thinking negatively about me but I don’t care. I making tiktoks and grow day by day. I can’t take a serious in any public comments. Because I want to live my life on my own.

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